Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Fun & Awesome Quotes Status Update Ideas To Impress Your Friends

If you want to post an awesome facebook status update that will get your friends attention and get them to comment on it and like it – try using one of these random fun statuses to impress your friends! Copy and paste some silly statuses, stupid status ideas, good status updates, best statuses and more hilarious status update ideas for your facebook profile!

-you know what’s scary? I just added the squirrel I met today on Facebook.

-They say to dream big but did they say for how long?

-I don’t care what you say about me. It’s what you’re not saying that I care about.

-A pessimist is very optimistic that they won’t be able to find their glass.

-I’m a little bit drink.

-Because I don’t like you.

-Single and looking forever.

-If you admit when you’re wrong then that counts as being right… so basically, I’m always right.

-is very good at giving out directions. I just don’t like hearing yours.

-My status is allergic to you.

-Married and looking forever.

-Can you tell me which way to the yellow brick road?

-No bikes allowed on my statuses.

-I just lost my best friend… to Facebook.

-To be clever can be difficult without caffiene.

-I don’t know what you’re talking about… I didn’t steal your status.

-Who can really hear themselves thinking?

-Do not disturb.

-Great….my dog just sat on my status.

-I never said my status ideas were brilliant.

-The weekend went by and I don’t remember any of it. That’s a good thing right?

-Thank goodness it’s Monday! umm… who said that?

-Sometimes I care but most of the time…..I just don’t.

-I can’t take candy from strangers but definitely from facebook friends

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