Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Customize Your Windows - Use Rainmeter Customize Desktop

Rainmeter is an application which will allow you to place what are called "Skins" on your desktop. These skins can measure and display a wide variety of information. Some examples of things you can display are: 
--System Information - CPU, RAM, Network, Drive Space, you name it...
--Launchers and Docks - Be creative and create your own RocketDock or launcher
--Music and more - Interfaces for WinAmp and iTunes, Internet radio or online video
--Web-based content - Weather, GMail inbox, RSS feeds. Just about anything you can parse from the web

Skins are fully customizable by you. They are primarily just .ini text files with simple commands that say "Measure this, and display it here looking like this". We will get into customizing skins more later, but you can use all your creativity and very simple Rainmeter statements to really make your desktop your own!

Download Rainmeter

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