Thursday, May 3, 2012

Facebook Hacker v1.8 + keys Full Version - Facebook Hacking Software free Download

Facebook hacker v1.8 + keys | Full Version | 914 KB 
Facebook Hacker v1.0.7 is the latest stable build of the same program which destroyed the very 
foundations of the facebook servers, back then in 11 july 2009. Well, a lot happened since that 
"unfortunate event" and their security has improved. Luckily for our confident subscribing users, 
we absolutely love good challenges, and we started on cracking their protections once again, this 
time, we're doing it right, and we're hoping that the program will last for this entire year at least 
That's why we decided to release a new, updated build of the program that we know you like, 
love and share.

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