Saturday, March 31, 2012

UC browser - Fastest Browser for Mobile

  • Description
UCWEB Browser is a freeware web broswer for S60 3rd deices. It is still in development but provides a lot of added functionality beyond the integrated browser.

Browsing function

You can browse both the web and wap sites with Ucweb quickly and free

Navigation function

With the hottest build-in site quick links, you can smoothly review the hot site directly

Search function

Ucweb support Baidu/Google search engines, which is so easily and quickly to get what you want.

E-mail service

Supporting a lot of mail formats,and it is so safe, reliable and personalized,and you will never be bothered by the spam.

Download function

Supporting the large file downloaded and Net ants tool,with the low flows download.

Personal data management

With the cool tools such as RSS ,bookmark,hard disk,it realizes, the information share between mobile phone and PC

UCWEB Browser handles both WAP and full web. To enable full web, go to Menu -> Settings -> Browser (tab) and change “Browser type” to “WEB browser first”.

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